Go4Rent offers a three-tier property management platform that facilitates a faster, more efficient service for landlords. With monthly rent collection, the ability to list an unlimited number of properties, and a premium maintenance portal included, the portal is streamlined to simplify processes and avoid unexpected costs for property owners.


Pay less to manage your home.

The monthly fee is based on the tier selected, not the number of listings. The monthly fee is charged to the landlord using Stripe as a subscription service, and the landlord is automatically charged every 30 days.


  • Monthly rent collection ensures funds will be deposited directly into the landlord’s account.
  • Faster payment processing than your typical management company. Most management companies pay out to the landlords around the 15th of the month; we pay no later than the 5th business day once rent has been paid.
  • Manage unlimited properties.
  • Property Assistant available to be the point of contact for your tenants.
  • Pay invoices within your dashboard.
  • Receive late rent reminders.


  • Rent Deposits

    To expedite rent collection, the rent is deposited directly into the landlord’s account. When rent is due, the tenant receives a notification to pay rent. Once the rent is paid, the landlord receives a notification of paid rent. Depending on the tier selected dictates the speed to when the rent is deposited into the landlord’s account.

  • Property Message Board

    The best way to communicate between the Landlord, Tenant, and Property Assistant.

  • Late Fee Reminders

    Life happens, and tenants sometimes forget to pay their rent. Go4Rent automatically sends late fee reminders to those tenants who got a little “busy”. Landlords also get notified if the tenant has not paid the rent by the due date. Late fee reminders go out 3,5,10, and 15 days after the due date.

  • Premium Maintenance Portal

    This is a premium portal where tenants can send maintenance requests to the landlord. Tenants can upload photos and videos of the issue. The Premium portal allows landlords the ability to approve and pay invoices for work completed on their rental homes. Landlords can set an amount to pay invoices automatically. Any amount over the predefined threshold will require approval by the landlord.

    If the landlord elects to use Go4Rent’s Elite management tier, the property assistant will be responsible for coordinating, communicating, dispatching, and confirming completion of maintenance requests.

  • Tenant Phone and Chat Support

    We cannot control when an emergency will happen, but we can control how we respond. Go4Rent can respond to tenant calls and chats for emergencies, even after hours. Please note, this is only available on the Elite tier.

  • Lease Renewal Reminders

    A great tool so no one is blindsided by a move-out. Go4Rent can send notifications 90, 60, and 30 from the expiration date of the current lease.

  • Document Storage

    Store all documents about to your property and allow tenants to upload new documents. Your document storage amount is based on your tier.


Landlords need an unbiased intermediary without paying typical management fees. All communication between the landlord and the tenant is handled by the property assistant assigned to the account. We become an extension of you. When landlords select the Elite Tier, the landlord’s information is not visible to the tenants or contractors.

Our property assistance portal will be pivotal in ensuring a seamless operation for landlords. Our responsibilities will encompass a wide range of tasks aimed at enhancing the experience of property owners while maintaining the quality and efficiency of property management services.

So, what does the property assistant do:

  • Tenant Relations

    • Be the point of contact for your tenant
    • Maintain open lines of communication to address tenant inquiries, concerns, and issues promptly and professionally.
    • Foster positive landlord-tenant relationships to promote tenant retention.
  • Maintenance Coordination

    • First responder for all maintenance calls.
    • Collaborate with landlords to assess maintenance needs and priorities.
    • Dispatch the correct contractor for the job.
    • Ensure timely completion of maintenance tasks and quality assurance.
    • Pay contractors.
  • Financial Management

    • Assist landlords in setting up and managing rent collection and deposit procedures through our platform.
    • Ensure accurate and on-time processing of rent payments and security deposits.
  • Compliance and Legal Matters

    • Help landlords adhere to legal requirements, such as lease agreements, eviction processes, and property inspections.
    • Provide guidance on navigating legal issues when they arise.