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Property Management

Go4Rent offers a four-tier property management platform that will facilitate a faster, more efficient service for our landlords. With monthly rent collection, eviction services, and a home warranty included, the four levels have been streamlined to simplify processes that are often major headaches for you, such as rent collection and property maintenance. (You’re welcome!)

Some of the highlights:

  • Monthly rent collection ensures funds will be deposited directly into the landlord’s account
  • Go4Rent will pay for up to two home warranty service calls per calendar year, depending on tier selection
  • Up to two home inspections included per calendar year (this is a check for cleanliness and overall caring of the home by the tenant)
  • Eviction Notices- we will send up to two eviction notices per calendar year, depending on your tier selection
  • Faster payment processing than your typical management company. Most management companies pay out to the landlords around the 15th of the month; we pay no later than the 5th business day once rent has been paid.
  • All major appliances covered with each Home Warranty agreement
  • No more unexpected repair bills or costly evictions
Go4Rent Realtor Services

Breaking it down:

Rent Collection

Rent will be deposited directly into the landlord’s specified bank account no more than 5 days after the tenant has paid the rent.

Home Warranty

Go4Rent reserves the right to select any home warranty company authorized to do business in the state where the rental home is located. From time to time, Go4Rent may change warranty companies if it believes the warranty company is not meeting Go4Rent’s expectations. Warranties are considered active 35 days after the landlord signs up for the service. Go4Rent will charge a monthly fee for this service. Failure to pay your subscription fee will result in termination of subscription. Home warranties covers homes sizes up to 5,000 square feet. There will be an additional monthly fee for homes larger than 5,000 square feet.

Note: Only the Elite Plan covers the refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

Home Inspections

Go4Rent reserves the right to select any home inspection company authorized to do business in the state where the rental home is located. The inspection is done to determine the overall well being and cleanliness of the home. The inspection may address some areas of concern that require the landlord’s attention to prevent further damage to the home. The first inspection should be ordered midway through the lease agreement. Subsequent inspections should be ordered immediately after the tenant vacates the home.


Eviction Monitoring

As tenants pay their rent at Go4Rent, we will monitor all payment activity. When a tenant pays late, Go4Rent will contact that tenant and notify them via email or their payment portal of the late payment.

Eviction Notice

With the approval of the landlord, Go4Rent will send out up to two free Notices to Vacate when a tenant has not paid the rent. This is the first step in the eviction process and notices must be sent in accordance with state law.

Eviction Representation

We will file the eviction in the proper jurisdiction and represent the landlord in court. The landlord does not need to appear in court when the case pertains to non-payment of rent.

RentSURETY Agreement

Go4Rent pays the monthly rent for up to two months to the landlord in the event the tenant does not pay rent as rent becomes due and an eviction is filed for nonpayment or the Tenant vacates the home prior to the expiration of the Residential Lease Agreement.

With RentSURETY Elite, Go4Rent is fully responsible for the monthly rent regardless of tenant performance. The landlord must allow Go4Rent to manage the home with either the Deluxe or Elite Property Management level.


This agreement will remain effective for the duration of the lease agreement and will renew on a month-to-month basis until cancelled in accordance with the cancellation procedures herein.

Overall, Go4Rent is improving services to ensure that all our landlords and Realtors find quicker access to superior service and fewer nightmare tenants along the way.

Manage your homes better and stress free with Go4Rent.

Go4Rent Realtor Services

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