As a FREE service to Realtors, Go4Rent can assist with every aspect of the leasing process.  With two listing levels to select from, you dictate what parts of the leasing process you want to pass to Go4Rent to handle.  Best of all, you keep ALL of your commission. 


  1. Complete the Listing Agreement Request form and upload your signed Listing Agreement.
  2. RELAX!
  3. Go4Rent will schedule the photo shoot and yard sign creation with your information. Go4Rent will upload the photos and install the yard sign along with a lockbox.
  4. We will then start inputting data into the MLS under your MLS ID.
  5. Once the MLS input is finished, we will save the listing as INCOMPLETE and notify you.
  6. Log into the MLS, confirm all input is correct, and push the listing ACTIVE. 

Application Process

  1. As applicants apply, you will receive an email notification of a new application. 
  2. Go4Rent will review applications as applicants apply and will process applications that meet the landlord’s criteria.
  3. Go4Rent will verify the applicant’s employment and rental payment history.
  4. When the file is complete, we will notify you and the landlord so you can view the file and render a leasing decision. 

Approval Process

  1. Once the landlord renders a leasing decision, please complete the Lease Request form and Go4Rent will write the lease based on the terms you specify.
  2. We will send the lease and addendums to you for review prior to sending the forms out for signature. 
  3. Please review these forms for accuracy and confirm they are correct. Once confirmed, we will send all forms out for signatures.
  4. Go4Rent will open the payment portal and instruct the landlords and their new tenants to add their bank account to their Go4Rent account. *This is only necessary if the landlords would like to collect rent on Go4Rent’s platform. This is a free service for landlords. If the landlords would prefer to use another platform to collect rent, that’s okay. Go4Rent would like to collect the 1st month’s rent so we can pay commissions FAST! We will also collect the Admin Fee at this time. 
  5. If you wish to receive your commission via ACH, please provide a CDA/DA and add your bank account to your Go4Rent Realtor account. 
  6. When the tenants have paid their Security Deposit, Go4Rent will update the status on the MLS to Pending. The MLS listing status is updated again when the tenants pay their 1st month’s rent and  take possession.

Post Rental

  1. Go4Rent will remove the yard sign and lockbox from the listing. 
  2. If time allows, a representative of Go4Rent will meet with the new tenants and provide them with the keys from the lockbox.
  3. The final step is to rekey the home. Go4Rent will coordinate this with the landlord as this is required by Texas law. 

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