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More and more landlords are requesting a hands-on role in the lease application process while still needing the expertise of a Realtor. In addition, some brokerage firms would prefer their Realtors not have access to an applicant’s sensitive information. Go4Rent provides a fast and efficient way to remedy these issues.

At Go4Rent, Realtors can add their landlord to each listing owned by the landlord. This allows the landlord to receive notifications of a new application, view the application along with its supporting documents, accept the application which orders the instant background check, and render a leasing decision. The landlord will only have access to the listing you add them to. Adding the landlord to the listing eliminates the need to download and email lease applications with supporting documents to the landlord thus, saving the time and effort it takes to render a leasing decision. The Realtor will never have to view any of the documents which contain the applicant’s sensitive information. Allowing the landlord to be more active in the leasing process allows the Realtor to remain in compliance with their brokerage office.

The landlord will receive an initial email to create their account. Moving forward, the landlord will receive a notification each time there is a new application for the listing and will be able to perform all the lease application tasks associated with their listing. Adding the landlord to the listing does not remove the listing Realtor from the lease application process nor does it make having a Realtor unnecessary. Landlords still need our market expertise, knowledge of the leasing industry, and our air tight lease agreement which stands up very well in eviction hearings.

Follow theses simple steps to add your landlord to their listing:

  1. Log into your Go4Rent account and select the Listings tab.
  2. While on the Listings tab, select the listing from the right panel. DO NOT CREATE A NEW LISTING!
  3. Scroll to Deliver Application To:
  4. Change the selection from Listing Realtor Only to Both.
  5. Add the landlord’s phone number and email address.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select, Update Listing.

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