Create never ending passive income from your landlord clients.  When your landlord client activates a property management tier for their listing, you will earn passive income for working with Go4Rent for as long as the landlord remains your client.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Add the landlord to the listing on Go4Rent (view the Landlord Access docs below for instructions).
  2. Add your bank account to your Go4Rent account (in your dashboard, click on the Rental Payments tab).This is the account we will use to deposit the passive income.
  3. Sign the Passive Income Agreement (see below)

When your landlord signs up for the Elite or Deluxe tier and pays their monthly fee, Go4Rent will send the passive income to your connected bank account for as long as the landlord remains your client.  When the renter moves out, you must resist the home and sign a new lease with the new tenant and work with Go4Rent to maintain a happy landlord-tenant relationship.

Realtor Passive Income Agreement

Here you will find all the information you need from listing a home to collecting monthly rent payments on Go4Rent.

Realtor Help Docs