Once Go4Rent has verified the applicant’s employment and rental history, you have everything you need to render a leasing decision. To approve the file, log back into your Go4Rent account, go to the “Applications” tab, select the application and click “Approve.” An email will be sent to the applicant, their Realtor and the Closing Coordinator.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. The Closing Coordinator will write the lease and send it to all parties for electronic signatures.
  2. Realtors will send any additional documents that require either the landlord’s or renter’s signature. The Closing Coordinator can obtain the signatures.
  3. The Closing Coordinator will complete the “Agreement Between Brokers” and send it for signatures.
  4. The Realtors will send in their Commission Disbursement Agreements signed by their broker.
  5. Once all funds have been received and the lease is fully executed, Go4Rent will ACH the commission to the Realtors, send the remaining commission to the brokers and send the remaining funds to the landlord.

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