Once you have activated your landlord account, you can begin to accept rental payments.  The set up is fast and easy.

Step 1. Go to your Rental Payments tab and add your bank account.  Follow the onscreen instructions.  Go4Rent uses Plaid, a bank grade security system to link your bank account to Go4Rent.

Step 2. Go to your Listings tab, select the listing from the right panel. Once all the information for that listing populates the page, select the Rent Payments sub tab, and enter the payment information for that listing. If this is a new listing, you must list the home on Go4Rent before adding the payment information.

Once you have completed these steps, the tenant will now be able to make payments and will see the dialog in their payment dashboard.  If you have any further questions or need assistance call 832-764-8300 x402 or email Support@Go4Rent.com.

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