Requirement qualifications: Your gross monthly income should be three times the monthly rent amount or greater and verifiable. Legally married couples and roommates may combine incomes.

Rental history: You must list your last two landlords’ information. You must give your current landlord a written Notice to Vacate to the prior processing of your application. Current and previous residencies must be verifiable, free of evictions, judgments and unpaid rents. A previously breached lease may result in application denial.

Proof of income: Submit four of your most recent pay stubs. If a new hire, on your employer’s company letterhead, submit your hire date, gross monthly income, and a signature from Human Resources or a supervisor. If self-employed, provide the last two years’ tax returns or 1099s.

Credit history: To determine satisfactory creditworthiness, we obtain a report from a credit reporting agency. A bankruptcy must be discharged for at least two years.

Criminal history: No one convicted of a violent or property crime, or any felony, will be approved.

Upon approval, the tenant may be required to pay a onetime administrative fee of $50 per lease agreement.

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