Do Tenants Have the Right To Have New Homes Rekeyed?

By Linda Mullins

The excitement and expectation of moving into a new home can sometimes overshadow the many details involved with the process itself. Whether moving into a single-family home or condo rental, a large part of a tenant’s comfort and peace in their new place is resting assured that no previous tenants have access to the home.

Providing this peaceful enjoyment is foundational to landlord responsibilities and includes some safety measures. A chief concern is rekeying the unit when a tenant begins a new lease. While the expectation is for landlords to be diligent about this, situations arise when some may refuse to rekey. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to request to have the landlord rekey a rental home, within the law and hopefully without the need for legal action.

Though the laws vary from state to state, tenants will see mention of “locks and keys” within the law code of every state. For instance, the tenant law in Florida says that landlords must make “reasonable provision for locks and keys.”