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  1. List your home (Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio Realtors, skip to #21.  Your listings are automatically pulled from the MLS every 10 minutes)
  2. While logged into your Account, go to the Listings tab. Select the Texas Lease Application
    1. Background Check Type: Full Check, Rapid Check, etc.
    2. Deliver Application To:
      1. Listing Realtor Only -landlord will not have access
      2. Landlord Only -landlord will be able to log in, view the application with supporting documents, and order the background check. Enter the landlord’s email address.
      3. Both-either the Realtor or the landlord can order the background check. Both will be able to view the application and supporting documents. Enter the landlord’s email address.
    3. Listing Title
      1. The property’s address
    4. Application Fee
      1. Automatically populated
    5. Lease Amount – your lease amount
    6. Security Deposit- your security deposit
    7. Address- the property’s address
    8. Number of Bedrooms
    9. Number of Bathrooms
    10. Square feet
    11. Pet policy
    12. Year built
    13. Stories
    14. MLS number. (This must be numerical characters 7-9 digits. Do not use 0000000, 1111111, 1234567, or anything close to these.)
    15. Photos of the listing
    16. Rental terms
    17. School district
    18. Bedroom description (master down, all bedrooms up, etc.)
    19. House description- copied from the MLS Public Remarks
    20. Save listing

When an applicant applies for your rental you will receive an email and text notification of a new application. You can view the application and supporting documents prior to ordering the background checks. If the application meets your criteria, accept the payment and view the background check. You can Approve or Reject the application once you have ordered the background checks.

Sample listing form

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