$25 Cash back for each Full Check on Go4Rent.

Process your lease applications on Go4Rent and receive a cash incentive for each background check.  With Go4Rent, you can put your lease application process on auto-pilot.  Once you decide to process an application, click the Screen Now button and we can take it from there.  The credit, criminal, and eviction reports are instant reports. Our verifications department will then work on verifying the applicant’s current employment and rental history.  We want to assure you have the best information to render a leasing decision. To better assist you, we now provide a Go4Rent Score with each completed file. This will also assist with providing a leasing decision.

Our job does not have to stop at the application process.  Since June of 2022, our in-house transaction coordinators have been writing leases for Compass Realtors.  We write the lease and addendums based on your terms, send the docs to you and the landlord for review prior to sending them out for signatures, and collect all move in funds. We make sure all parties receive an executed copy of the documents. We then request a CDA from finance so we can ACH commissions, FAST!  This is a free service for Realtors. Once you approve an application and you are ready for the lease, click here.

What’s the promotion?

During the month of March 2023, Go4Rent will send you back $25 for each Full Check background check processed on Go4Rent.   

What do you need to do?

  1. Don’t forget to update your MLS listing with, ” Please apply at Go4Rent.com. Applicants will complete an online lease application, upload supporting documents, and pay their application fee. Showing Realtors should create a free Go4Rent Realtor account for application status updates. Once approved, applicants will pay a $100.00 Administration Fee to Go4Rent for lease execution and commission disbursement. 
  2. Add your bank account to your Go4Rent account. You can do this on the Rental Payments tab once you log in.

When are funds disbursed to the Realtor?

We will disburse funds each Friday. If you prefer a paper check, all checks will be mailed on April 1st. 

For questions contact: Alejandra.Wilhelm@Go4Rent.com or 832-764-8300 x205.

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